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  • Workshop: How to Host a Research Webinar
    Thu, Mar 23
    Ever wonder how to launch public webinars about science? This presentation will give tips on how to find a niche for your series and set it up for success, and how to run each webinar as smoothly as possible.
  • Virtual Fall Career Development Series: Agency Life
    Tue, Dec 13
    Erin Hare, Ph.D., is a Vice President of Science Writing at the Manhattan-based boutique PR firm Chandler Chicco Agency. Formerly a neuroscience researcher, a freelance science journalist and a PIO, Erin will share how she found her way down a winding path from bench science to agency life.
  • Virtual Fall Career Development Series: Return From “The Dark Side”
    Tue, Nov 15
    Lori Kersey, city and county reporter at the Gazette-Mail in Charleston, W.Va., will discuss switching from journalist to public information officer and back – it is possible!
  • Virtual Fall Career Development Series: From Freelance to Staff
    Tue, Oct 11
    After more than a decade of freelancing, Karen Weintraub joined the staff of USA Today. Hear her thoughts on how/why she made the leap.
  • Virtual Fall Career Development Series: Career Insights from AppSciComm’s Science Writers Board Candidate
    Tue, Sep 13
    Ana Gorelova, Ph.D., will discuss her journey from bench scientist to PIO
  • Cave Science Up Close
    Sat, Aug 27
    Laurel Caverns
    Do you enjoy geology, adventure, or just plain getting dirty? This is the event for you! Come to Laurel Caverns for a special behind-the-scenes speleology experience, with the option to explore a "wild" cave.
  • Bird Banding Trip
    Sun, Oct 17
    241 Orr Rd, Upper St Clair, PA 15241, USA
    Catch and tag migratory birds with local conservation biologist, Nick Liadis
  • Autonomous Robots in Space and Sky
    Tue, Jul 06
    A panel discussion with Astrobotic CEO John Thornton and Near Earth Autonomy CTO & Co-Founder Lyle Chamberlain
  • 60 Minutes Producers Denise Cetta and Katie Brennan
    Tue, May 04
    In this Q&A, Denise and Katie will share how they make complicated science topics easy to understand for a wide audience across the nation.
  • Virtual Happy Hour with DCSWA
    Tue, Apr 13
    Gather Town
    Meet colleagues who belong to the long-running DC Science Writers Association while sipping your beverage of choice from the comfort of your own home.
  • Searching for the Origins of Modern Human Behavior
    Wed, Apr 07
    Paleontologist Curtis Marean will discuss how a now-extinct ecosystem in South Africa contributed to the emergence of hyper-social homo sapiens
  • Science Friday's Kathleen Davis
    Tue, Feb 23
    In this Q&A on all things audio, Kathleen will field questions about how she got her start in radio, what it's like working on a national show, and the wild west of podcasting.
  • Designing Resiliency and Well-being
    Mon, Nov 23
    Dr. Ruby Mendenhall will discuss efforts to create resiliency and well-being to counter oppression and inequality in U.S. society.
  • Jon Cohen on Covering COVID
    Fri, Sep 11
    AppSciComm talks to Science mag's Jon Cohen about the challenges of reporting on a global pandemic in an era of preprints and politicization of facts.
  • ProPublica's Lizzie Presser
    Wed, Jul 22
    Why Black Americans are losing limbs at three times the rate of whites.
  • Cave Science Tour - Canceled due to COVID
    Sat, May 09
    Laurel Caverns
    A morning tour of a "developed cave" led by Dave Cale, owner of Laurel Caverns, followed by a lunch break/presentation by cave science experts, and then a "wild cave" tour at the back of the largest cave system (by volume, at least!) in Pennsylvania.
  • SciWri19 Happy Hour
    Sat, Oct 26
    Nittany Lion Inn, Writing Room 1
  • Q&A and Book Signing with Marissa Landrigan
    Wed, Jun 19
    White Whale Bookstore
    Author and Pitt Johnstown journalism faculty Marissa Landrigan will read from her most recent book, "The Vegetarian's Guide to Eating Meat" - part memoir, part investigational journalism. Free and open to the public.
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